July 25, 2014

Three Ways Beekley Medical Aligns with Your Value-Based Purchasing Goals

According to the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services the question, "how does valued-based purchasing work?" is answered by the following:

"CMS rewards hospitals based on the quality of care provided to Medicare patients, how closely best clinical practices are followed, and how well hospitals enhance patients' experiences of care during hospital stays. Hospitals are no longer paid solely based on the quantity of services they provide."

So, how exactly will Beekley Medical help you achieve this goal? There are three easy answers to that question.

1. Standardization in the Clinical Setting

Beekley Medical is able to provide you standardization in your radiology skin marking protocol across the entire healthcare system or hospital group, which can help to improve communication and accuracy by using dedicated skin markers for each pathology. It's like the universal restrooms symbol when you are in a public place, or a sign indicating a four-way stop on the street - imagine the communication chaos if those were removed from our everyday living.  

In the world of healthcare, having a skin marker shaped like a triangle to designate a palpable mass and knowing that is the standard symbol across a healthcare system is going to help the radiologists rule-out any questions of what they are viewing when looking at a mammogram image, possibly leading to less false-positives or false-negatives. This can help reduce call-backs, patient anxiety, unneeded workups, and loss of revenue for the healthcare system or hospital group.

2. Putting Patient Safety at the Forefront

We are committed to being the market leader in patient safety, providing superior materials and image quality. We have a rigorous quality control process that assure we meet the certification and regulatory requirements of ISO 13485.2003 and the FDA.​

All Beekley Medical products are lead-free, and latex-free  They are modality-specific, engineered for optimal imaging in each radiologic setting and exam. Our skin markers are made with a top quality medical-grade adhesive keeps the skin markers in place under compression, during scans and other procedures to aid with diagnostic accuracy. Our commitment to quality and patient safety help you reduce the need to re-position, re-image, disrupt scheduling, or waste product - all of which add to your bottom-line costs. 

3. Improving the Patient's Overall Experience

Many of Beekley Medical's products add value to the overall patient experience. According to a survey study from facilities evaluating Beekley Medical's Breeza® flavored beverage for use with oral iodinated contrast, 73% of patients said they were more likely to return to the facility because the contrast is mixed with Breeza. This in turn means more satisfied patients for the healthcare system or hospital group and more money added to the bottom line. 

A similar survey study from facilities evaluating Beekley Medical's Bella Blankets®protective coverlets for mammography, 86% of patients wanted to have Bella Blankets used on their next exam. As with Breeza, Bella Blankets is another self-funding product that helps to improve the patient's overall experience and increase revenue.

A hospital's financial wherewithal no longer rests on the operating system of old. As the CMS website states Value-Based Purchasing is not about quantity, it's all about quality.

If healthcare systems or hospital groups are looking to flourish during healthcare reform, the adoption of improving clinical outcomes and the patient experience is crucial. Choosing Beekley Medical as your vendor will help lead you there.




Sarah Gomes
Account Manager

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