December 4, 2015

Socks Needed for ‘A Mile in Their Shoes’

Did you know that socks are the most needed but least donated article of clothing homeless shelters receive?

At this time of the year, when gifting and donating are prevalent, many shelters still go without. And when shelters are in need, the people who come to them looking for help are also in need.

That’s where a new Connecticut and Massachusetts organization comes in. A Mile In Their Shoes is a newly formed group, but they’re already making massive strides in helping local Connecticut shelters, as well as those out-of-state.

Their goal is to run sock drives to collect unopened packages of socks to be distributed to shelters they are affiliated with—which is every shelter suggested by interested parties. In fact, if you know a shelter in need and let them know, A Mile In Their Shoes will do the leg work to get things set up for a sock drive. All you have to do is nominate and donate!

By donating socks—a much needed article of clothing able to provide warmth and comfort—you are also helping free up funds previously allocated to buying these items, so that they may be applied to financing other shelter services. As a show of just how much they are helping area shelters, within the last two weeks alone they have already collected well over 600 pairs of socks.

That’s 600 people helped at this hard time of the year, and the drive isn't over yet.

Becky Galian, an Inspector in our manufacturing department, is a part of this great organization and quietly set up a donation bin for unopened packages of socks at here at Beekley. 

Beekley has always helped make a difference in the community—it’s one of the things we feel most passionate about. It’s time to step up to the plate again.

How many pairs of socks can Beekley Associates and friends donate to help make a difference in the lives of those seeking shelter in the Northeast?

Let’s find out.

Here's How You Can Help: 


You can help by purchasing unopened packages of socks (woolen or cold weather socks preferred) and giving them to a Beekley associate to donate at work, or by bringing donations to one of the drop-off locations


For more information about A Mile In Their Shoes, drop-off locations and times, please visit their Facebook page HERE.










Jessica Harvey
Sales & Marketing Support Specialist

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