April 20, 2017

Meet Customer Care: The Team that Consistently Makes it a Great Day for Beekley Customers

Here at Beekley we have many multi-faceted, truly talented and passionate associates. We know about their contributions to Beekley Medical, but we want to share their stories with you too.

Today we’re spotlighting our Superstar Customer Care Team.

It’s hard, if not impossible, to interact with Beekley and not encounter our amazing customer care team. Whether you are calling in to place an order, inquiring about a product, or visiting in person, you are bound to interact with these Beekley superstars.

This group of incredible women is comprised of (pictured from left) Erica Lubee, Melissa Andrews, Maura Turner, Mary Dowling-Coco, Dawn Beaudry, and Mary Ann Meccariello (not pictured).

Collectively, these amazing women enter and fulfill customer orders while also assisting customers with questions ranging from ordering to products—and they do so with grace, understanding, and an incredible amount of accuracy.

In 2016 alone, they entered over 65,000 orders with an incredible 99.8% accuracy.

It's more than just accuracy that sets Beekley's customer care team apart - it's the commitment and passion they have to upholding one of Beekley's deeply held core values of providing "World Class Customer Care" to internal and external customers alike. 

"They make you happy to call them"

Our cover graphic was made of the words our customers use most frequently to describe the customer care they receive from these Beekley Associates.  

It's the not-so-little things like being courteous and enthusiastic, taking responsibility, and offering solutions that are the essential ingredients of our "secret sauce" that turns customers into partners and transactions into long-term relationships. 

It says a lot in this day and age that we have so many customers that choose, even prefer, to call in to place their orders although Beekley offers many other options such as EDI, GHX, online, fax, and email.

Here is just a sampling of the feedback we have received regarding our customers' experience with Beekley Medical's Customer Care Team:    

  •  "Beekley’s customer service is really good. They make you happy to call them.” ~ Chris Mau, Materials Manager, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • “Beekley is easy to talk to. It’s not just on the phone; working with Beekley is more than just a transactional relationship. They see the big picture, they’re available, and they take whatever I need and get it to the right person. They are so quick to fix problems, and make it right if there’s an issue. That impressed me more than anything.” ~Janina Mattus, Breast Center & Imaging Manager, Nashville, TN, 
  • “It’s a pleasure to do business with (Beekley) because I know that when I place an order or ask a question, I am going to get a straight answer, and I can, as they say, take it to the bank.” ~ Lynne Nelson, Radiology Supply Technician, El Paso, TX


The difference between Customer Care Superstars and customer service 

"I have been in customer service most of my life, and this is by far the most amazing, dedicated team I have worked with. Our customers are delightful, and I love that we still have so many that call us on the phone." Erica Lubee

It's Beekley's philosophy that happy, engaged associate teams are crucial to creating happy, engaged customers. Senior Customer Care Manager Maura Turner leads a team that takes pride in being a cohesive group that knows their success stems from respecting, trusting, and caring about each other as well as our customers.


"When we say 'It’s a Great DAY at Beekley' we mean it!" ~ Mary Dowling-Coco

"On occasion the customer may chuckle and get a kick out of our upbeat persona when we answer their call, however we are quick to let them know that yes, life is indeed very good here at Beekley and those words carry a great deal of pride for what we do and strive to accomplish each day. We want our customers to be part of our terrific day by sharing a smile or happy voice on the other end of the phone. It’s infectious! Calls rarely become routine because each interaction is so individual to the person calling. We enjoy keeping Human Element present always. 

I have the good fortune to talk with our customers from all over the United States and beyond every day. It is truly a pleasure to speak with them as they regularly bring joy into my day. Having this personal contact on the phone really helps us build stronger and trusting relationships with every caller. It is also a reminder that we are partners in our commitment to having the correct products arrive on time, every time." 

With that kind of teamwork, attitude, and dedication, how can it not be a great day at Beekley when you meet our Customer Care Superstars?  


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