June 2, 2017

Meet Beekley's Pricing and Contracting Team: Helping Customers Manage and Reduce Costs

"Beekley is accommodating and flexible with contracting. They understand volume ebbs and flows."
Adrea Bennett, Breast Center Supervisor, Swedish American Hospital, Rockford, IL

Understanding Needs, Delivering Value

I imagine that most consumers do not think of corporate pricing and contracting as a customer-centric division. However, here at Beekley Medical, that couldn't be further from the truth. The customer is always at the forefront of every pricing decision and contract negotiation we make.

While it's true that we need to maintain certain margins to maintain profitability and to drive research and innovation, we also need to consider our customers' reality and ensure we are delivering true value to them. Our goal as a company is to establish long-standing relationships with our customers so every transaction and every touch point must be a win-win.

I had the opportunity to chat with Patrick Ray, Senior Manager of Strategic Marketing, and Samantha Carvalho, Esq., Contracts Manager, who in addition to our National Account Managers, make up Beekley's Pricing and Contracting Team to learn a little more about how they help Beekley fulfill it's mission to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone we touch.

"When I tell people I meet outside of Beekley that I am in pricing, I often see a look of sorrow cross their face," joked Patrick. "The general perception is that our role is constantly getting beaten up by both internal and external customers. In certain companies that perception value vs. pricemay be true, but Pricing and Contracting at Beekley Medical is different because our pricing model is based on two things: transparency and offering our customers options."

Samantha agreed, stating that "Our team strives to make the contract process as efficient and appealing as possible. The National Accounts Managers and myself have a 'whatever it takes' attitude to make sure the customer is satisfied with the contracting experience and to ensure both parties are able to come to an agreement. Many times this involves conference calls with the customer to ensure we understand their needs and have that reflected accurately on paper."

Pricing Transparency and Options

"I get to bundle value, improved clinical outcomes, and enhanced patient satisfaction into the price of our products"  – Patrick Ray, Senior Manager of Strategic Marketing, Beekley Medical 

As Patrick explained, "Beekley does not try to mask pricing with rebates or other creative "gimmicks" the more products you order from Beekley Medical, the better the pricing-period. This eliminates any back and forth with Sales as we offer the best products in our niche at a great value to our customers. This pricing model also benefits our customers as they are reducing costs on their end by limiting the number of PO's and vendors they need to manage and maintain in their system."

Also built into price are Beekley's added assurances that our products will not be on backorder, that they are defect-free, and ship same or next day after order is placed. According to Patrick, "This is an area that some may overlook, but the providers that really understand costs know just how important and costly it can be when a vendor cannot meet these expectations."

The Pricing and Contracting team prides itself in offering options that help customers manage and reduce costs. For example, Beekley Medical offers a pre-arranged shipping service that allows customers to take advantage of volume discounted pricing while reducing their on-hand inventory by taking stock on an as-needed basis. Some products, such as our Mammography SPOT skin markers, are priced according to their features and benefits. This provides options for budget-restricted facilities looking for reliable and clinically acceptable products as well as for those that significantly invested in newer technologies and want products specific to that technology to help them maximize their investment in capital equipment and patient care.

Positive, Long-Term Relationships

“I feel that for anyone involved with Sourcing and Contracts – working with Beekley would be like a breath of fresh air compared to many other vendors.”
Brian Stinson, Contract Administrator, Providence Health, Everett, WA

customerFor Samantha, a licensed attorney with a background in contracts and negotiation, working at Beekley is like a breath of fresh air. Being a recently-hired Associate, she brings an outsider's perspective as to how the company works with both internal and external customers.

"Beekley takes pride in being a small company and strives for positive relationships with all customers. I joined an amazing team and work very closely with the National Account Managers to ensure that Beekley is an easy vendor to work with at the corporate level. My goal and passion in the contracting field is to build positive and long-standing relationships with customers so that they return to do business with us year after year. We want them to feel comfortable signing their pricing agreements so that their affiliates can continue to take advantage of our product offerings and preferred pricing."

Thanks to that dedication, passion and customer-centricity, Beekley Medical is consistently ranked by our customers as one of their top vendors to do business with.

It's easy to confuse price with value. Connect with your National Account Manager to learn how we can help you manage and reduce costs and deliver more value to your internal and external customers.

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