March 2, 2015

Mammograms! Even the routine ones can feel stressful

There is a nervous tension or unease that seems to permeate waiting rooms. Everyone is there for a different reason, but everyone is also there for some form of diagnostic.

My last mammogram was just a routine screening, and I did not expect to feel any level of anxiety. This was a simple and normal procedure. But, sitting in that waiting room I found myself becoming more and more anxious. Feeling the element of the "unknown" is uncomfortable.

I was told I had to return for a followup appointment, which came with a new level of anxiety! This time however, I decided to take more control and brought along an Lavender/Sandalwood AromaTab.

I continued to inhale the aroma as I waited for my appointment. I felt calm and relaxed and simply allowed any "fear thoughts" to float through my mind with out becoming attached to them.

It turns out everything was fine which I am very grateful for and also for discovering the calming benefits of AromaTabs!


Massage Therapist

Medford, OR






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