December 2, 2015

Beekley Associates Let It Grow For No Shave November

Here at Beekley, cancer awareness and education is a passion of ours. October was all about Breast Cancer awareness month with events like Designer Handbag Bingo, but unfortunately cancer does not discriminate against gender.

The men at Beekley participated in their own awareness month events, No Shave November (also open to women) and Movember, two 30-day facial-hair growing events meant to raise awareness for cancer education, prevention, and research. The only stipulation? You must forgo shaving your facial hair for the month.

Both events call for participants to embrace all their hair, something cancer patients often lose. For No Shave November, the goal is to donate the money you'd typically spend on shaving and grooming to charities, whereas the aim for Movember is to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer. In both, the aim is to start conversations with your free and wildly grown hair-- and it's quite the conversation starter!

Given all that Beekley does for similar foundations and causes, we weren't surprised to once again see some of our Beekley associates participating in No Shave November and Movember this year. Bobby Saucier, Rey Martinez, Terry Johnson, Craig Gemmell, and Tony Main (pictured above) all stepped up to the challenge, raising money and awareness for these fantastic foundations and their causes. Good work, gentlemen!



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Jessica Harvey
Sales & Marketing Support Specialist

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