June 2, 2016

Be the Change: Beekley Associates Give Back

Be the change. These powerful words usher inspiration and drive us to do good wherever we can, to become the change we want to see. Here at Beekley Corporation, altruistic passion is a trait ingrained in every one of our employees. From the lives our products impact to the charity events we host, donating our time and skills is second nature for us. To feed that altruistic passion, Beekley Associates recently participated in two events that gave back to the local community and environment.

"We didn’t just build a house… we built a home"

On May 4th, Luanne McDonough, Marybeth Sliter, and Maureen Gallo - donated a day of their time to a Habitat for Humanity Women Build event in Hartford, CT. Together, alongside another Connecticut business, Hoffman Auto Group, they completed the second day of a build in the Frog Hollow area of Hartford. The Beekley crew had an amazing time helping the Hartford Area Habitat For Humanity group get these houses ready for dedication in June.

As Marybeth said, "There is such a greater feeling of making a difference when you choose to not just write a check but actually donate your day to help frame, sand, spackle or paint the walls of a new home that a family will begin to make their memories in."

"We didn’t just build a house… we built a home," Luanne said. "I was on a plank 10 feet up in the air painting the stairwell walls and ceiling. I was initially nervous since I don’t like heights, but I thought I can do this and I did! So, I overcame my fear and I made a difference for this wonderful family moving in! Everybody needs a little help and love... glad I could help and spread the love."

Taking back our environment - an Earth Day tradition 

The following week, several Beekley Associates participated in our annual "Pretty Up Prestige Lane" Earth Day event where they donned latex gloves and trash bags to clean up the Beekley grounds and surrounding roads. We cleaned up many cans, bottles, and other garbage, a small contribution to a much bigger movement.

This Beekley tradition began with Jane Reik, Beekley’s Recruiting Manger, and her love for Earth Day. She says, “when I was in junior high school. My junior high set aside 1 hour of time and the entire school went outdoors. In less than an hour, we collected quite a bit of trash. This left a lasting impression on me and I realized not only how much garbage is ‘hidden’ on the streets and playgrounds, but what a difference a school can make in less than an hour by picking up trash collectively.”

As for how Jane's junior high experience led to Beekley's annual tradition Jane says, “I would go out for a run or walk, leaving the beautiful Beekley property, only to find all sort of debris on Prestige Lane. It was obvious that people park their cars or even when driving by, toss, bottles, cans, coffee cups, you name it, and I was pretty disgusted by it.

Other Beekley walkers were noticing the same thing. I remembered those Earth day efforts from junior high and decided to do the same on Prestige Lane.”  The rest, as they say, is history. 

Over the course of these events, Beekley Associates discovered that by working together, something as small as painting a wall can change completely someone’s life, and that even the smallest acts make a major impact on the environment.

Beekley met the challenge and became the change. Will you?


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